Bricolage peinture et décoration
Renovation, painting and decoration

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Building contractor in Paris, France
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We are specialized painters and decorators in Paris, France and also offer building, renovation, plumbing, tiling, lino, paving, electrical work and carpet cleaning.

We are always happy to give a free quote at a competitive price for any job.

Building and Renovation in Paris, FranceWe have worked for a wide range of satisfied customers, including individuals, companies, offices, guest houses, etc. All our work is guaranteed, professionally completed and complies with the rules of the DTU.

If need be, we can arrange to work at night and we can also work when a building is occupied or empty.

Please click for more information on our services as painters and decorators or for some guide prices.

In addition to painting and decoration, we can carry out the following types of work:

Royal Peinture Paris offer:


We have partnerships with other craftsmen, so are able to offer a complete work package, meaning if you have a large or more complex project, we can help you find other workers to complete it.

If you are based in Paris, we can arrange the following types of work for your business:

Tel: 06 85 03 37 08
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